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Store Credit and Refund

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Adds store credit option for registered customers

Quick Overview

  • Send balance notifications automatically

  • Refund customers to store credit and keep the cash

  • Edit any credit balance manually from backend

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Product Description


  • Store Credit and Refund Magento extension introduces store credit functionality that allows creating, editing and managing customer credit balance from the admin panel. 
  • This extension introduces a possibility to issue refund directly to customer credit balance in full amount and without any time delays.
  • The credit balance accumulated on customers' accounts is always at their instant disposal, easy to track and apply.

 Features for the customer:

  • Receive and accumulate credit balance on the account
  • Receive fast purchase refund
  • Spend credit to cover up to 100% of order total (including tax and shipping fees)
  • Track and manage credit balance and transaction history
  • As well as for customers, using the Store Credit And Refund extension is equally profitable and convenient for store administrators.
  • One-click refund procedure, intuitive backend interfaces and easy control over the customers' credit balances make the extension a perfect tool for delivering great customer service.

Features for the administrators:

  • Grant credit balance manually
  • Refund customers with credit funds
  • Update credit balances individually or via mass-action
  • Manage customer credit balance and track the complete transactions history
  • Automate sending balance update notifications.

Help Document available inKnowlegde Base

Support & Services:

Community edition :

Support Period: 90 Days

Installation: $55


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