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Social Media Bundle

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Extension which can help you to easy login using Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts

Quick Overview

  • Easy login using Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts

  • Automatic creation of Magento account for Facebook, Twitter or Google+ users

  • Place social buttons on chosen pages

  • Privacy settings for clients

  • Set URL and/or Tweet text

  • Convert Facebook and Twitter users into followers

  • Add Followers Count Display

  • Improve store ranking in search results

  • Let your visitors highlight your site in search results

  • Set layout style

  • Adjust social buttons to your custom design

  • Add comments to products and pages in your store

  • Manage comments and see statistics with Facebook tool

  • Adjust color scheme and layout size for comments

  • Blacklists and grammar filters

  • Ability to post customers’ purchases on their walls in social accounts

  • Edit text to be posted on user’s wall

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Product Description


Social networks are an effective tool to increase the quantity of store customers. 

The Social Media Bundle extension delivers all features of Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with one installation.

  • Facebook Integration

               The Social Media Bundle extension places ‘Facebook Like’ and ‘Follow’ buttons on any page of a website, thus integrating your Magento store with Facebook.  By clicking on the ‘Like’ button, the extension automatically places the product image and name on the user’s Facebook wall. Visitors get the possibility to promote your shop within Facebook community leaving comments on store items and involving their friends into a discussion. The extension adds Facebook Connect button to login and checkout pages enabling users to access your store and their accounts in just a few clicks. The Magento account will be created automatically.

  • Twitter Integration

                 The module equips your visitor with one click registration and login to Magento with their Twitter profile. Users do not have to fill in long registration forms. All they have to do is enter their email address to Magento profile. The ‘Tweet’ button encourages customers to share store content on Twitter and highlight products they like with their friends. The ‘Follow’ button is aimed to increase the quantity of your Twitter account followers and keep them informed about store news. The counter added to this button displays the total quantity of followers.

  •  Google Integration

                Add the Google +1 button on any page of your store and make it stand out in Google search results. Google Connector automatically creates Magento accounts for Google+ users and the ‘Google Share’ button assists customers in sharing their shopping experience and promoting products within Google+ community.

  • "Pin" Button

                The ‘Pin’ button added by the Social Media Bundle module helps grabbing an image, price and product description from a Magento site and adding it to one of the Pinterest boards.


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