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Shop By Brand

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Let customers shop by the brand they can trust

Quick Overview

  • Extension offers 'More from this brand' block and a brand widget.

  • The block automatically collects bestselling items of the brand and can be placed at the corresponding product pages.

  • Brand widget displaying a full collection of brands can be placed to any position of the store

  • With Shop by Brand Magento 2 extension it is possible to create dedicated brand pages with a short description and a brand logo and assign products to particular brands.

  • The brands can be set up separately or automatically collected from the product attribute values.

  • The brand pages act just like regular category pages with brand description and a logo displayed atop of the page.

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Product Description


  • Make the product sell itself: Adding  brands to the products is more than a motivation when it comes to the sales it is a trusty friend's recommendation.
  • Increase loyalty: You can introduct customers to new, quality brands with 'Featured brands' functionality   .
  • Promote purchases:Display related products by brand, add a widget and enhance product pages with the brand logo and description

Help Document Available in : Knowledge Base

Support & Services:

Community edition :

Support Period: 90 Days

Installation: $99

Enterprise edition :

Support Period: 180 Days

Installation: $99




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