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Reward Points

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With the help of the extension you can build your own loyalty program

Quick Overview

  • Lifetime sales: may be used to influence individual earn rates

  • In-store reminders: show how many points may be earned per activity

  • Usage statistics, balance editing: available to admin from backend

  • Before/after tax: points application

  • Points earned: via purchases, reviews, sharing, and other store interactions

  • Earn & spend rates: may differ by customer group


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Product Description


  • The storeowner can use Magento 2 Reward Points extension to process refunds, award customers on special occasions, or run promotional campaigns.
  • A loyality extension that requires very little maintenance.
  • The most important one is the conversion rate from dollar amount spent to points earned and back from points to dollar value (Points to store currency ratio).
  • Other Magento Reward Points settings include expiration date, bonus points earned on in-store activities, and a couple of display options for storefront.
  • To set the program in motion admin has to configure the extension settings.
  • That’s it, the loyalty program is now running and admin may monitor it by viewing all point transactions and point balances from backend.


  • Earn & spend rates Screen

    Custom rates define how many points are given per dollar amount spent and how much each point is worth.

  • Email notifications

    Let you notify customers of the points expiration date urging to place orders.

  • Limit points use

    Decide what % of the product price can be covered with points and set the minumum point balance to redeem.

  • Lifetime sales

    Different number of points may be earned depending on customer's’ lifetime sales.

  • Bonus points Screen

    Additional points may be earned on such activities as registration, newsletter signup, social network sharing, and product reviews.

  • Avoid cheaters

    Limits may be set for earning points by social network sharing and product reviews.

  • Tracking points

    Extension tracks all of the point transactions and point balance of each customer.

  • Points import/export tool NEW!

    To help you migrate from other reward solutions and make sure you have all the balances offline.

  • Integration with Smart One Step Checkout NEW!Screen

    As a result of the integration, customers are able to use their reward points on the checkout page built by the Smart OSC extension in order to pay for their purchases the same way as they can do it on the default Magento checkout page.

  • Apply points after tax

    To comply with tax regulations restrict paying taxes and shipping amount with points.

  • Refund to points

    Keep cash to the store and refund orders to points increasing customer's loyalty.

  • Balance adjustment

    Admin may adjust point balance manually for one or multiple customers.

  • Restricted categories Screen

    Admin may forbid point transactions at certain categories.

  • Social sharing buttons (optional) Screen

    Social network buttons may be added to the product pages.

  • Explainer page

    A separate page may be set up for explaining how the reward program works.

  • Tab at client area Screen

    A “Reward Points” tab is added to the client area for tracking transactions and current balance.

Help Document Available in : Knowledge Base

Support & Services:

Community edition :

Support Period: 90 Days

Installation: included

Enterprise edition :

Support Period: 360 Days

Installation: Included


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