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Product Images Slider

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Slides product images on product view page

Quick Overview

The features are listed as below

  • Represent product images as slider view in the same way Image Slider does

  • Ability to specify first frame timeout and animation speed

  • Ability to specify period for image displaying

  • Ability to disable block navigation

  • Multistore support and Multiple blocks on one CMS page

  • Different types of animation effects:

    • simple slider

    • fade\appear

    • blind up \ blind down

    • slide up \ slide down

    • jalousie

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Product Description


  • Extension rotates the pictures of your items, so that you can be sure that your customers’ attention will be definitely attracted.
  • Small Magento static gallery is not catching and doesn’t make your product page look unique.
  • Play with different animation speed values and select the one which is the most comfortable for your eyes.
  • With Product Images Slider, just select the type of animation effect for your items pictures to be displayed and enjoy how your product page brisks.
  • It has other features such as Primary use as a product image slider at product page, Secondary use as an image/banner slider at any page, and Customizable animation, timaout, and navigation

Help Document available in:
Knowlegde Base

Compatibility Magento versions list:

Community: -
Enterprise: -

Support & services:

Community Edition:

Support :90 Days

Installation: $55

Enterprise Edition:

Support: 180 Days

Installation: Included


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  • Product Page:
  • Backend:

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