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One Step Checkout

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It reduces the number of checkout steps from 6 to 1 level as it  is like One step checkout process.

Quick Overview

The features are listed below:

  • AJAX technology updates the page content without refreshing the page.

  • Address may be split for shipping and billing

  • Extra fields may be added/excluded by admin

  • Responsive design adjusts to the current screen

  • Customer login   An option to log in or register right on the checkout page. If he is a returning customer, then auto-fill will be engaged for shipping and billing address when he is signed in.

  • Shipping address Specifying a shipping address that is different from billing address.

  • Cart editing Customer may remove some products from the cart right from the checkout page.

  • Comments  Comment can be given by the customer to mention any concerns or clarifications.

  • Discount activation  A “coupon code” allows to apply discounts during the checkout process.

  • Responsive checkout design   Responsive will be checked in mobile,desktop, tab, ipad screen devices.

  • Newsletter subscription  The option will be displayed for customers that haven’t signed up yet, but it could be disabled altogether.

  • Page look To checkout exntension you can create custom page title and description, decide which fields to include, whether to number blocks or not, and so on.

  • Default shipping/payment methods Choose most popular shipping/payments methods to be selected by default

  • Cross-sells appearing   If a product has cross-sell items, they will appear at the bottom of the checkout page.

  • Advanced cross-sell selection* Increase the relevance of cross-sell block through a variety of automatic rules that help you generate meaningful related product suggestions.

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Product Description


Checkout process is one of the things that take joy out of shopping and about the only thing that actually requires some effort. This only means that it’s a perfect opportunity to create some value for your customers by making the process more user friendly. One way to do that is to compress a customary six step checkout down to one page, which comes with several benefits on top of simply being a time saver:

  • Provides all of the information upfront for shoppers who use checkout to learn about shipping and payment options;
  • Allows an immediate estimate of how long the process is, which gives customers a greater sense of control, as opposed to turning the pages endlessly.
  • Saves customers the trouble of going back and forth in case they want to fix some information from previous pages
  • Draws customers in by allowing them to jump to easy fields first and do the boring stuff later

Compatibility Magento versions list:

Community: -
Enterprise: -

Support & services:

Community Edition:

Support :90 Days

Installation: $55

Enterprise Edition:

Support: 180 Days

Installation: Included

Help Document Available in : Knowledge Base


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