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News Mobile App

$ 249

Ready-made mobile app solution for the use of news agencies that owns a website. 

by  EMC

Quick Overview

  • Multiple Color Scheme.

  • White Labelled.

  • Real-time sync.

  • Social sharing.

  • Business intelligent push notification.

  • Select News Categories.

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Product Description



Multiple Color Scheme

Develop your app with your own style and appeal.

White Labelled

Allows you to publish the applications in your brand name. You can add your own logo, color theme, App name and publish the app.

Push Notification

Create personalized notification for each set of customers.

News Categories

User can choose the categories of their interest to get regular news updates from those categories.

Post a News

Users can gather the news, give a headline, attach an image and submit for approval.

Social Share & In-app Comment

The app users can share the news to their social connections in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The App users will also be able to like and comment on the news posted by others users. Filter invalid comments and approve valid comments through the back-end.



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