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Layered Navigation

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Optimizes navigation, adds new search options

Quick Overview

  • Variety of filter types: checkbox, slider, etc

  • Navigation menu adjusts to the current location

  • AJAX technology updates the page with no reloads

  • Filter customization is possible from backend

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Product Description


  • Layered Navigation for Magento 1 extension adds a navigation menu and allows customers narrowing search results down to relevant items.
  • As an online store manager it is in your interest to provide the shortest route possible between the customer and his product of choice.
  • Every time there is a delay, an additional exit point is created and customers flee the store in favor of a more user-friendly competition.
  • There is any number of things you may introduce to improve the way customers browse your store, but the most effective adjustment by far is the introduction of Layered Navigation.


Help Document available in: Knowlegde Base

Support & Services:

Community edition :

Support Period: 90 Days

Installation: $55

Enterprise edition :

Support Period: 180 Days

Installation: Included



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