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Help Desk Ultimate

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Magento 2 extension for managing customer tickets

Quick Overview

  • Customer-friendly as its easy to create, track, and manage tickets

  • Built-in content includes a number of automation rules and email templates

  • No third party storage used for saving and processing tickets

  • Agent workflow organized to minimize time waste

  • Ticket automations perform routine tasks without admin

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Product Description


With Help Desk extension it all starts with a ticket. Ticket may be created by customer via contact form, from a customer area, or by sending an email to an email gateway address. It may also be created by admin from backend. Either way, once the ticket is submitted it is logged to a backend ticket grid. From there agents pick tickets up and get to work.

Magento 2 Help Desk solution is compatible with all Magento 2 themes. Each ticket is conveniently organized with all relevant information and an agent-to-client message thread available in one page. There is also a selection of tools to mark progress, like status, priority, notes, and notifications. On top of these, the extension allows to use processing automations - delegating routine steps (like changing a status or assigning an agent) to the extension to be performed automatically.

Help Document Available in: Knowledge base

Support & Services:

Community edition:

Support Period: 90 Days

Installation: included

Enterprise edition:

Support Period: 360 Days

Installation: Included


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Demo Links

Front-end demos

Contact form:    
New ticket by customer:
My tickets:

Back-end demos

Find the extension:
Ticket grid:
Process ticket:
New ticket by agent
Explore automation:
Setup extension:

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