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Create a FAQ section at your store

Quick Overview

  • Question rating allows customers to evaluate the usefulness

  • SEO-friendly tools for better content visibility

  • Viewing stats available to admin at backend

  • User-friendly layout allows easy navigation at frontend

  • Question categories split questions by topic

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Product Description


  • FAQ extension for Magento 2 is organized by categories, so the first thing you have to do is create a couple of those (at least one).
  • After that you may start writing FAQ articles and assigning them to created categories.
  • Customers will be able to rate articles for helpfulness, so you may create a message for when they vote “not helpful”.
  • As you can see this is also similar to how Knowledge Base extensions work.


Help Document available in: Knowlegde Base

Support & Services:

Community edition :

Support Period: 90 Days

Installation: Included

Enterprise edition :

Support Period: 360 Days

Installation: Included


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Demo Links

Front-end demo:

See it in action:

Back-end demos:

Find the extension:
Edit categories:
Edit articles:
Extension settings:

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