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Quick Overview

  • right Supports All Major Credit and Debit Cards.
  • right Store Owners can configure the module between ’Authorization and Capture’ or ’Authorization only and Capture later’
  • right Store Owners can capture amount directly from configuration page.
  • right Store Owners can refund the order amount from configuration page.

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Prestashop PayPal Pro 3‐D Secure Module 3‐D Secure is a protocol developed to improve the security of Internet payments, to reduce the likelihood of fraud when using supported cards and to improve transaction performance. Paypal Website Payments Pro allows merchants to process payments by passing 3D‐Secure authentication data to PayPal for debit and credit cards processed with the DoDirectPayment API request. Visa offers 3‐D Secure under the name Verified by Visa and MasterCard offers it as MasterCard SecureCode.

PrestaShop Paypal Pro 3‐D Secure module is a PrestaShop Payment Gateway extension that will integrate the Paypal Website Payments Pro processing through a 3‐D secure protocol with PrestaShop eCommerce Software and accept payments through credit cards quickly.

Note: Website Payments Pro can be used by UK merchants. A US or Canadian merchants can also implement 3‐D Secure, however the authentication data is ignored by PayPal as these information will only applicable to 3D‐Secure for UK merchants implementing Direct Payment API. Merchants must register with Cardinal Commerce before using this feature.

To use 3‐D Secure with PayPal, you must do the following.

  • Register your company with Cardinal Commerce.
  • Configure your Merchant account in Cardinals Dashboard and in your PayPal’s Dashboard .
  • Test your 3D‐Secure integration using Cardinal’s testing facilities.
  • Update your website with required 3D secure logos, status windows, and other information for your customers.


Documentation available in:


  • Supports Major Credit and Debit Cards, Accepts Credit Card payments and process payments through Card Issuer Page as inline frame.
  • Store Owners can configure the module between ’Authorization and Capture’ or ’Authorization only and Capture later’ ‐ when the products are ready for shipment.
  • Store Owners can capture amount directly from configuration page.
  • Store Owners can refund the order amount from configuration page.
  • Update Users and Orders info in PrestaShop.
  • Process orders using PrestaShop Admin User interface.
  • Supports multilingual in Prestashop.

Product Demo:

Demo Url:

Admin Url:


Password: Demo@123

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  • This module works with PayPal Website Payments Pro 3‐D Secure for UK. This module also works for PayPal Website Payments Pro 3‐D Secure for US and Canada, but few information may be ignored by Paypal.
  • Iframe must be enabled in your browsers.


  • PayPal Website Payments Pro Merchant Account from Paypal and Cardinal Commerce Merchant Account
  • cURL is required and MUST be compiled into PHP
  • SSL Certificate may be required and installed
  • This module may require Ion Cube loader.The server should have the ionCube loader installed. If it is not available or not  installed, you can request your hosting provider to install this version of ion cube loader available at


Installation :

  • Unzip the downloaded module archive file.
  • strong>Copy the folder "egrpaypal3d" from the path "YOUR_PrestaShop_ROOT/MODULE" and paste to the related path in your PrestaShop folder.
  • Go to Admin section, select payment module under ’Payments & Gateways’ and install ’Paypal Pro 3D Secure’ (egrpaypal3d).
  • Alternatively you can install using the Modules Installer feature in Prestashop o Go to Admin > Modules > Click ’Add a module from my computer’ o Under second column, browse the zip archive file, and click upload this module. o Go to Admin > Modules > Payments & Gateways > install ’Paypal Pro 3D Secure’ (egrpaypal3d). o Then click configure link under ’Paypal Pro 3D Secure’
  • Configure the module with the acquired information from Cardinal and Paypal Pro Merchant Account and click Save.
  • Now make Transactions in user end and go live.

License Setup:

  • This module comes with a single domain licensing system and initially this module will work for 30 days from the date of installation (i.e. as Trial basis).
  • During this 30 day trial period, the module should be registered through the Get License Interface in the admin module configuration page.
  • For Merchants who purchased this module from, can enter their transaction id in the Transaction ID field and click Get License button and it will automatically check with our server for transaction id and assign the domain being used for this module. (Note: This module will not work on other domains unless a new license is purchased. For development, it is advised to use this Trial 30 day’s period).
  • For Merchants who purchased this module from other channels, can request their license by sending the purchase details like Date of purchase, channel of purchase, Transaction ID or Order ID information along the domain name to which this module will be used for through email to
  • Upon confirming the purchase details, an updated module will be sent for the particular requested domain through email and the module can be replaced with new module with license enabled.

Module Settings:

  • After successful install, browse through Modules‐> ’Payments & Gateways’ ‐> ’Paypal Pro 3D Secure’ ‐> ’Settings’ Tab, Configure the following,
  • Sandbox mode or Live Mode (if Yes ‐ Sandbox Mode, No ‐ Live or Production Mode)
  • Currency conversion ‐ EUR or USD or CAD
  • Select the mode of capture o Capture > if immediate capture of funds required o Authorize only > If authorization only and capture of funds at later time
  • PayPal Merchant Account Settings:
  • For generating API user, API password, API signature, login to your PayPal Merchant Account and under Profile link, click ’Request API credentials’ link and in the API Access page, under Option ‐ 2, click the link ’View API Signature’ so you can get the API user, API password, API signature. Add these values in the Settings page for respective fields under, Paypal API Settings .
  • Make sure that your Prestashop website has all the states added along its ISO code, as Prestashop Paypal Pro 3‐D secure module requires the information of the country and state code to be sent along your shipping/ billing address information, for payment processing.
  • Make sure that your Prestashop website has SSL enabled (for enabling Login to Admin, Go to Preferences and Enable SSL.

Cardinal Merchant Account Settings:

  • Verify that you signed up with Cardinal Commerce Merchant account and acquired, o Merchant ID o Processor ID o Transaction Password o Centinel MAPS URL
  • Enter these details Merchant ID, Centinel MAPS URL and Transaction Password under, Cardinal API settings
  • Click Update settings and save it.

Guide to Setting up your Paypal Merchant Account:

  • After login to your Paypal account, from the Profile section of your PayPal account, click the Request API Access from the list
  • This can be seen from the following screen
  • After clicking the Request API Credential link the following screen will appear
  • Click Grant API Permission from the option 1 from the above screen and you will be taken to below next screen
  • Add the following Partner API Username: in that field in above screen and click Lookup
  • It will list all the API operations available like the above screen
  • Grant the Centinel API reference access to the required API services with the help of your Paypal Account Manager (if you are not sure, check all API permissions in the list and perform testing)
  • Save the API access permissions.
  • After saving it may look like above screen with list of granted permissions and available permissions after you click the ’Edit Third‐party API’ button

Configuration for r Pay with h PayPal acccount:

  • With the help of your Account Manager with Cardina al Commerce, configured t the Centinel Configura ations for Cred dit Card and P Payment Initi iative Configu uration which h may be similar to the following screen,



  • Use the test credit cards for sandbox testing that are provided by Cardinal in their Test cases and test credit cards