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Catalog Permissions

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Show different items, product prices, and categories to specific customer groups

Quick Overview

The features are listed as below

  • For hidden price show a custom note in its place

  • Restrict permissions by different customer group

  • For hidden products redirect to a different page


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Product Description


  • Extension is designed to hide products and/or prices and will assist you with one or both of the following concerns:
  • Promoting specific behaviours
    You may encourage your customers to login or register in order to view certain products or you may couple this extension with a loyalty program and create a restricted store section available to the most devoted shoppers only.
  • Diverse client base
    For the shops that serve both wholesale and retail sectors or have layered partner programs this Magento advanced permissions extension will help hide irrelevant store sections and provide differentiated prices for various customer groups
  • Restriction set up
  • Restriction explanation
    • For hidden products and categories you may redirect customers to an explainer page or simply any other page within the store.
    • For hidden price you may choose a custom note to appear in its place, like “out of stock” or “restricted to premium users”.
  • Restriction for individuals*
    Control product and product price access by an individual customer.

Help Document available in: Knowlegde Base

Compatibility Magento versions list:
Community: -
Enterprise: -
Support & services:
Community Edition:
Support :90 Days
Enterprise Edition:
Support: 180 Days
Installation: Included


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