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Automatic Related Products

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Create rules for assigning related products automatically

Quick Overview

  • Flexible conditions for defining related products

  • Mobile view adapted to support screen-specific interactions

  • Live support and documentation available within the extension

  • Layout customization options for tailoring the look of the block

  • Position within the page chosen by admin to match store layout

  • Location within the store could be a category, a product, or a shopping cart

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Product Description


Extension allows to assign related products to a selection of items simultaneously - no need to go item by item. You may create any number of rules, ranging in scope from an entire store to a single product. For each rule administrator selects at which pages related products block will be displayed and what kind of products will be displayed as ‘related’. Look of the related product block may be customized to match the general style of the store. Related products are assigned using rules.

Help Document available in: Knowledge Base

Support & Services:

Community edition :

Support Period: 90 Days

Installation: Included

Enterprise edition :

Support Period: 360 Days

Installation: Included


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Demo Links

Front End Demo :

See it in action:

Back End Demo :

Find the extension:

Create a new rule:

Customize the look:

Use 'override' option:


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