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Auction Pro

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Create a competitive environment by auction and achieve the highest price possible in the shortest time

Quick Overview

  • Auction category and tab added to the store

  • Bidding interface is straightforward and easy to use

  • Notifications inform bidders about status changes

  • Shopping cart created automatically for the winner

  • Separate category

  • Possibility to add Auction category to top links

  • Automatically sent to all participants offer to buy the product for the maximal bid

  • Ability to allow buy out

  • Ability to notify participants of higher bids

  • Supported product types:

    • Simple

    • Virtual

    • Configurable

    • Downloadable

  • Multistore support

  • Intuitive auction management

  • Easy-to-use bids management

  • Auto-creation of cart for winner

  • Customized notifications of new bid and auction ending

  • Auction process logging

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Product Description



  •     Selling at an auction is also called the “deadline method of sale” because of the established sales date and time. Using this method, you can get maximum profit from this powerful strategy.
  •      As seller no need to risk on  overprice and then constantly reduce price to stimulate your customers interest. and depends on type of market whether weak and strong they can keep their price standards.
  •     Your auction product status and its value is determined by the market and individual buyers. At an auction, competitive bidding among potential buyers means that the selling price often exceeds the expected value of the property, maximizing the sale price for the seller.
  •     With the Magento Auction Pro extension, sellers benefit as well as their customers

Benefits for sellers

  •     A 99% successful closing rate, set terms and conditions of the sale
  •     Auction accelerates the sale of your goods
  •      Your products will be  at true market value
  •     Auctions create competitive environment among buyers
  •     Auction price can raise the price of a product
  •     Auction generates excitement and heightens buyer interest
  •     Auction process requires action and a decision from buyers

Benefits for buyers

  •     Your customers determine purchase price by competitive bidding.
  •     Your customers feel better about purchase – they know that there was a contending bid just one increment under the purchase price.
  •     Your customers gain confidence after completion

Compatibility Magento versions list:

Community: -
Enterprise: -

Support & services:

Community Edition:

Support :90 Days

Installation: $55

Enterprise Edition:

Support: 180 Days

Installation: Included

Help Document Available in :Knowledge base



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