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Add Free Product to Cart

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Powerful 'Buy X get Y free' solution.

Quick Overview

  • Free product is added to cart automatically

  • Flexible rules to set up highly specific promotions

  • Discounted product is suggested via pop-up

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Product Description


  • Use The Add Free Product To Cart module to present gifts to your clients and follow the proverb “Little presents keep a friendship alive”.
  • Set up rules to fill clients’ shopping cart after rule conditions met.
  • You can give your client a product for free or suggest getting it with a specified discount. The information with the offer appears in a pop-up window or the product is added to the cart without any notice, so your clients will be agreeably surprised after viewing the real ability of getting one more product absolutely for free.
  • The extension allows you kindly suggest customers to buy another product with a discount. The product can be delivered for free as well.
  • The Add Free Product To Cart module provides an ability of automatic product adding to the cart.
  • An item appears in the shopping cart based on set criteria of the created rule.
  • The module gives you a possibility of defining such promotions as “Buy Canon Power Shot & get Camera Charger for Free”, “Spend $300 & get a 50% discount on HTC Touch Diamond”, or “Buy 5 items and get Black Berry 8100 Pearl with free delivery”.


  • Gift product auto-adding to cart
    The Add Free Product to Cart module allows you to surprise your clients by suggesting them to get an item for free or at discounted price. If rule conditions meet after clicking on the Add to Cart button, the product is automatically added to the shopping cart or the offer to get the item with a discount appears in a pop-up window.
    Product of the following types can be assigned to customer as a gift:
    • simple
    • virtual
    • downloadable
    However, if the main products are deleted from the cart, the free product can’t be bought as well.
  • Unlimited number of rules to gladden customers by a sudden gift
    • Limit the time period when rule is active
    • Show a pop up window for Item that is added to cart
    • Ability to display pop-up window with a suggestion of getting an additional item
    • Prioritize pop-up window to make the most desirable one appear after rules conditions met
    • Enable the possibility of closing the same pop-up window for a customer after conditions meet
    • Set conditions as in the shopping cart price rules
    • Create recurring rules
    • "Stop further rules processing" option
    • Ability to apply specific rules to different stores and customer groups
    • Re-add free product if it was deleted from cart
    • Several rules can be applied per one order
    • Specify rule description
  • Handy price management of product which is auto-added to cart
    You can apply the discount to the item that will be auto-added to the shopping cart. To make the product free for buying just select the "Buy X get Y free" rule type.
  • Free of charge gift delivery
    With the Add Product to Cart extension, you can decide whether the shipping of the product will cost your customer anything or the item will be delivered for free.

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