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Activity Stream

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Display recent customer activities in an appealing block anywhere at your website.It helps to know about Select out of 14 activity types to display at storefront, Pick block poistion from 6 pre-defined options ,Customize block style and composition

Quick Overview

The features are described as below:

Automatically inserted on all store pages

  • It Take advantage of six predefined positions(top-left , top-center,top-right,bottom-left,bottom-center,bottom-right)

  • Hide activity streams from unregistered customers and helps to define overlay width,background color and text color for website designing

Numerous types of activities

  • subscription to newsletter ,search

  • customer has registered/logged in

  •  product/category is being viewed

  •  item has been added to shopping cart , wishlist, comparison listcustomer goes to shopping cart and  proceeds to checkout

  • product has been purchased and has been tagged

  •  review has been submitted

  •  Limit the quantity of activities displayed in the block

  •   Choose scope to display the activities

  •   Select specific customers’ activities to appear

  •   Use predefined templates for activities or edit them to your taste

  •   Define time interval for activity stream overlay updating

  •   Insert activity stream block via widget at any place of your site



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Product Description


  • The Activity Stream extension for Magento, helps customers to see what is happening at the current moment. 
  • Recent actions are displayed in the block that can be easily added to any place of your site and doesn’t affect any elements of the page.
  • There is a possibility to hide some activities from your visitors and focus their attention on the required ones.
  • The Activity Stream module makes your customers feel that they are not alone on your website and shows activity streams.
  • The effectiveness of the extension includes visitors are influenced by activities of other people; they take the situation as a recommendation for further behavior and start experimenting and discovering your store.

Compatibility Magento versions list:

Community: -
Enterprise: -

Support & services:

Community Edition:

Support :90 Days

Installation: $55

Enterprise Edition:

Support: 180 Days

Installation: Included

Help Document:Knowledge base


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